The Mello is a side cut can opener constructed completely of plastic and stainless steel. It has an ergonomic grip that is comfortable and easy to hold. Getting it started is it little harder than your average can opener, but once it is started, its a breeze to use. The sharp side cut blade leaves an extremely smooth edge that is much less likely to cut you than the edge left by most can openers.

Mello_Can_Opener_2The only problem I had with this can opener, that is a fault of all side cut openers, is that it does not allow you to use the lid to drain the fluid from what is in the can. In many cases this makes no difference, but for tuna I like to use the cut lid as a strainer of sorts.

Overall I am very happy with the build, quality, and functionality of the Mello can opener.

If you are interested in purchasing one it can be found here.

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