The Serman Brands Carbon Fiber Wallet came packaged in abox with a carbon design on it. Included is a carbon sheet that acts as the support for the wallet as well as an emergency bottle opener. Also included, are two stretchable bands, one that is navy blue and one that is a dark tan color.

The Serman Brands Carbon Fiber Wallet is very minimal and constructed well. It had no problem holding all of my credit cards, insurance cards, reward cards, cash, etc. I have been carrying it for a few weeks and the wallet has held up with no issues at all. Coming from a HuMn wallet, I actually prefer the design of this wallet better. The plate is slightly larger than my HuMn wallet which makes it hold the cards better. I also prefer having one plate over two. The only downside to this wallet are the sharp edges, although I have gotten used to them. The bottle opener on the wallet does work, but I would only use it in a pinch as I do not see it surviving too many caps.

If you are interested in this wallet it can be found here.

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