The MPOW Grip Magic came packaged well in a cardboard box with a simple label on the outside. Included with the mount is an air vent mount, an iPhone 6/6s case, a round magnetic sticker and a larger, rectangle, magnetic sticker. It is designed to be used with just about any modern phone either by utilizing the supplied iPhone case or one of the two stickers.

Installation is as easy as sliding the round magnetic mount onto one of your car’s HVAC vents and then using either the case or one of the supplied stickers on your phone. Once this is complete the magnet will hold your phone. I tested the mount with an iPhone 6s Plus and it had no problem holding it steady. I actually had more problems with my vent holding the phone than I did with the mount. A few adjustments and I was able to solve this issue.

Overall the MPOW Grip Magic is a simple design that works well. It can also be transferred between cars which is a nice bonus.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these mounts it can be found here.

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