The OxyLED Desk lamp came well packaged in a cardboard box and did not require an assembly. The device is constructed mostly of plastic but is built well and feels solid while handling. The gloss finish looks nice but is a fingerprint magnet which may not be the best for someone as OCD as I am. The metal neck the light is fixed to is solid but provides plenty of flexibility, The base has touch sensitive buttons to dim or brighten the light as well as a power button that also switches from the white to the more yellow light color. The base also features two USB charging ports that are rated at 1A. Attached to the base is a roughly five feet long power cable which is a nice length although a little longer would have been even better.

The output from the light at its lowest setting is perfect for a little extra light if you wake up in the middle of the night or are using it in a dark room, while the brightest setting will light a small room if need be. Having this adjustable is great and should accommodate almost any situation. Also, having the white and yellow light is nice. There are times when I need light for precision that I prefer a white light but while reading I prefer the more natural yellow light. The touch sensitive controls work very well and because of their shape are easy to find in the dark, the lit power symbol in the center also helps with this. The USB charging ports are a nice addition. I wish they were more powerful than 1A, but they will still have no problem charging most modern devices while not in use.

Overall I find the OxyLED Lamp to be a great lamp. If it were available in a matte finish and with more powerful USB charging ports it may very well be the perfect lamp. If you are interested in purchasing one of these lamps they can be found here.

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