With so many options for cases on the market it has become very difficult to pick one that is truly perfect for you. Everyone has different opinions on style, how much coverage a case should provide and how much protection they need without sacrificing looks or adding too much bulk. I have come up with seven key areas to rate a case as follows: design, bulkiness, fit, protection, grip, buttons(how they feel), and screen protection. Of course these are still open to opinion but I try to be as neutral as possible when doing my reviews.

The Skygrand Cushion Cover for the iPhone 6s Plus has the following scores with 0 being awful and 10 being perfect.

  • Design – 8
  • Bulkiness – 8
  • Fit – 8
  • Protection – 6
  • Grip – 9
  • Buttons – 7
  • Screen Protection – 7

Skygrand_iPhone_Case_1Skygrand_iPhone_Case_4Skygrand_iPhone_Case_3I have tested over a dozen screen protectors for the iPhone 6s Plus and this one fits perfect. It has nice curved edges and like all tempered glass screen protectors is easy to install. It includes a wet cloth, dry cloth, dust removal stickers and alignment stickers.

The Skygrand CUshion COver and screen protector provide decent every day protection for the iPhone 6s Plus. They provides some much needed grip to this slippery device and a little extra protection for average every day use. The buttons feel great and since most of the case is clear it barely changes the look of the phone.

If you are interested in purchasing this combo it can be found here.

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