The Norcho Luxury Rug came packaged rolled up in a nice draw string style pouch. The rug measures 2.6ft X 3.9ft and features a plush micro-fiber top and a high grip rubber bottom. The edges of the rug are all rolled and stitched which allows the edges to be almost as soft as the top.

Norcho_Rug_2I use this rug in my bathroom as a mat outside of the shower on my tile floor. This rug allows me to step onto something soft and warm instead of the cold tile floor. Because of the plush micro-fiber construction it is also extremely absorbent which means I do not have to worry about standing on it while I am still wet. Overall the Norcho Luxury Rug is well made, soft, doesn’t slip on the floor, and looks nice. If you are in the market for a plush rug, I highly recommend this one.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these rugs they can be found here.

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