The Ultramax Knee brace consist of two pieces, a copper infused compression sleeve, and a padded knee strap. The compression sleeves are constructed of nylon with high compression nylon sleeves at the top and bottom, with a slightly lower compression copper infused nylon between them. The straps are made of a soft microfiber like material and a Velcro strap.

The compression sleeves are of a very simple design but are well made. They fit snug and I had no problem with them sliding around. They are also breathable and did not cause my knee to sweat like many other sleeves I have tried in the past. The straps are also well made with nicely finished edges and a nice contoured knee areas. The straps provide more compression and support just below the knee cap. This is helpful but still does not provide the lateral support of a traditional style knee brace. If you are looking for compression style knee braces that provide a little added support, I highly recommend these braces.

If you are interested in purchasing these braces they can be found here.

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