The Ultramax Compression Socks are made almost entirely of various rate compression nylon. They feature a nylon strap at the top and bottom with compression material in between. The heel area has the leas amount of compression and barely stretches at all. They also feature a rough texture on the outside of the socks on the sole and the back of the heal. This texture not only adds grip while wearing them without shoes, but also prevents them from slipping while wearing shoes. Also included with the socks are silicon pads for the heal area.

The Ultramax socks very snug and provide great compression but manage to remain comfortable even while wearing for extended periods. The silicon pads add even more comfort as well as impact relief if you have issues with your foot in the heal area. The only downside I found with these socks is that they did not provide any toe coverage, which I would have preferred. Overall the Ultramax Compression Socks work very well and I would recommend them to anyone.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these socks they can be found here.

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