The BikeAnything padded shorts are a two piece padded bike short that is designed to be lightweight and durable. The inside portion is much like many other spandex padded shorts. They are similar in shape, size, and fit to a pair of boxer briefs, but of course feature the padded saddle area. The pad is very soft and the perfect size to help with comfort. The outer shorts are constructed of a nylon like material that is durable yet breathable. They feature four pockets and a hook for keys, tools, etc. They also feature loops inside to attach the inner padded shorts to keep everything in place. The shorts are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Bike_Anything_Shorts (3)Bike_Anything_Shorts (2)In practice the shorts do exactly as they are supposed to. Even after hours of wearing them they remained comfortable. I have not used them a enough to determine if they are as durable as they look, but I have a feeling they will do as well as any other pair of shorts intended for this use.
Overall I am very pleased with the BikeAnything padded shorts and would recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of padded bike shorts.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these shorts, they can be found here.

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