The Presa came packaged in a typical and boring cardboard box that does nothing to get you excited about the product and looks like a place where Presa cut costs. Inside the box is a piece of thin molded plastic that houses the light and a charger with the user manual covering both.


Thankfully the cost cutting stopped at the packaging. The charger is a typical wall plug with a barrel style connector at the light end. The light itself is compact and feels very solid in the hand. The entire device is coated in a soft touch rubber which feels durable and is easy to clean. On the bottom you will find a charging port, on the front the Presa logo, an LED indicator, and the main LED behind a clear window. On top is a secondary light that works more like a typical flashlight. On the back is a power/mode switch and four magnets that will have no problem holding the light securely to the underside of a hood. Straddling the sides of the light, is a hook/stand that is great for hanging the light or propping it against something and getting the perfect angle.

The light is rated to last three hours on a charge and during my use it lasted just over three hours. The light output from the primary light is more than sufficient for most automobile work applications. The secondary light is a little on the dim side, but can be useful in tight spaces where to much light can cause issues, or where the larger light doesn’t conveniently work. The addition of the hook and magnets make the light extremely versatile and much more useful than many other work lights I have used in the past. The light seems to be more durable than many work lights I have used but I would not recommend throwing it on the ground as I am not sure the clear window could withstand the abuse.

Overall the Presa work light is one of the best I have used and is currently my favorite that I own. If you are in the market for a work light, I would certainly recommend taking a look at the Presa LED Work Light.

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