iMemStick_3The ZeroLemon iMemStick came packaged in a fancy scissor style box that when opened reveals the iMemStick through a clear window, set in a foam cutout. Once you remove the clear window you will find the device itself as well as the usual warranty and product information.

The iMemStick is made of aluminum with plastic end caps. The end caps are both good and bad. They fit well and will do a great job of protecting the connectors, but can also be easily lost. I would like to have seen a design that incorporated the end caps into the body somehow. The device is built extremely well and I have no doubt that you could carry it in your pocket and use it daily with no issues.  Another design flaw is how short the Lightning connector is. If you have any case on your phone at all, and possibly even a thick skin, the iMemStick will not work. Had ZeroLemon added just 1/8″ to the length of the connector, it would be much more compatible and easier to use.  Aside from the end caps and shortness of the Lightning connector it is very hard to find any other flaws with the appearance or design of the drive.

Using the drive could not be any easier. After installing the iMem+ app from the app store and plugging the device in, I instantly had 64GB of storage available to backup my contacts, videos, photos, documents, etc. Of course you could also use the drive to transfer images quickly between devices whether it be another Apple portable or a computer. Transfer speeds were faster than expected and I had no issues with data corruption or anything of the sort.

If you are looking to add storage to your Apple portable, an easy way to backup your data, or a fast way to move files around, the iMemStick is worth looking at. I can only hope that the second generation allows for the device to be used while a case is installed.

If you are interested in purchasing an iMemStick, it can be found here.

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