The MPOW Streambot came packaged in a simple yet nice looking cardboard box. Included is the device itself, users manual, aux to aux adapter, power cable, and an aux cable. I do wish they had included a car charger even though most people have one already anyway.


The device is compact and sleek. It has two ports, one for charging and one for audio output. It only has three buttons, one for play/pause and two for volume up/down and forward/back. It also features a microphone for hands free calling and voice commands.  Once the device is plugged into the aux port and powered up, you use it like any other Bluetooth device.

I found the Streambot very easy to use. It is very intuitive and if you have ever used Bluetooth devices before you will have no problem figuring it out. The sound quality is exactly what I expected and as good as any other Bluetooth receiver. It is really hard to find any flaws with this device because it is so simple and it just works.

If you would like to add Bluetooth functionality to your car and already have an aux port, this may be the easiest solution out there.

If you are interested in purchasing one, it can be found here.

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