The Fuse Chicken Bobine Auto is a unique car dock that can also be used as an extremely durable charging cable or a desk dock. The dock came packaged in a very premium, colorful, box with a magnetic flap. When the flap is opened the dock is visible through a clear window and to the left are sample pictures of it being used as a car and desk dock. To add to the premium feel a nylon strap is used on the top of the box in place of the traditional plastic loop. Inside the box you will find the dock, two plastic clips, two pieces of 3M tape, and a quick start guide. The plastic clips feel well made and appear to be over built for their simple task of holding the cable portion of the dock and in typical 3M fashion, the included tape is extremely sticky.


The dock is built like a tank and seems like it would outlast the phone that will go on top of it. The USB A connector on the end is encapsulated in plastic and extends over the flexible steel cable that is roughly a quarter inch thick. At the other end is a large plastic dock with the lightning connector in the center and a phone reinforcement tab in the back.

In use the dock is extremely convenient and had no problem supporting my iPhone 6s Plus when being used as a desk charging dock and could easily be formed into what ever crazy shape I could come up with. . The same stood true in my car as well. The Bobine also makes for an awesome charging cable if you have animals and are concerned about them chewing on your cables.


If you are in the market for a flexible desk dock, a customizable car dock, or one of the strongest charging cables on the planet, the Fuse Chicken Bobine Auto is for you.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these docks, they can be found here and here.

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