The Etekcity Mini VGA to HDMI Converter is small video converter made mostly of plastic that also includes a mini USB power cable. The converter is powered by a mini-USB port and accepts video input via VGA and audio via 3.5mm stereo plug. It then takes the analog audio and video, and converts it to a digital signal over HDMI. The device is capable of outputting full 1080p video and stereo audio. A device like this is going to become more and more needed as new TVs do not include provisions to connect analog devices. The Etekcity makes this easy to overcome with this easy to use device.

Using this device is as easy as connecting the power, input, and output cables, then switching the display to the proper input. After that, it just works. I was able to power the converter from a USB port on my TV which made it even more convenient.

If you need to connect a VGA cable to a display that does not have a VGA port, this converter is the perfect solution.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these converters it can be found here.

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