The U-FIt bike light came packaged in a colorful box with a foam insert that has cutouts for the both the front and rear light. The rear light is constructed mostly of a silicon like material with a plastic lens. The rear light came with pre-installed batteries which is nice. The front light is constructed of aluminum and features a glass lens. Both lights are waterproof and feel very well made.


Installation of the rear light was as easy as stretching the fastener around the seat tube and fastening it. The first step to installing the front light is to unscrew the tail cap and installing three AAA batteries inside a battery holder. Once the batteries are installed you simple remove a thumb screw, put the mount on the bars, and tighten the thumb screw. Lastly you slide the light in the mount and secure it with another thumb screw. The front light doubles as a flashlight which is also nice.

The rear light features three modes, solid, slow flash, and fast flash. The light is plenty bright to be seen from a great distance. The front light also features three modes, bright, dim, and flashing. It also has an adjustable lens to change from a spotlight to a flood light or anywhere in between. The front light is quite bright and works great as headlight and of course adds safety by making you much more visible. Both lights stay secure while riding and you will not have to worry about them becoming loose or falling off.


Overall these are both very nice lights that are well made, waterproof, bright, and easy to install. I highly recommend the U-Fit bike lights.

If you are interested in purchasing these lights they can be found here.

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