The Ken Gadget Sport Headphones arrived in a plastic box with a molded plastic insert containing the headphones, 3 different size ear tips, different size ear loops, and a nice quality charging cable.

The headphones are very lightweight and made completely of plastic. The build quality seems pretty good. The right ear piece houses all the controls and charging connection which is on the bottom. On top you will find a volume/skip rocker and on the outside a play/pause/answer button. The buttons are easy to find and provide a nice tactile click when pressed. I find this design much more ergonomic than the headphones with the controls on the cable that runs between ear pieces.

When it comes to output, these are hands down one of the loudest Bluetooth headphones I have ever used…they get dangerously loud. When it comes to sound quality they are nothing to brag about. The bass is muddy, the highs are harsh, and they favor the upper half of the frequency range. That being said, these headphones are supposed to be used during working out and playing sports where fit and finish are priority are the number one priority and sound second. Once you fit them with the proper ear tips and loops they fit extremely well and thanks to being so light stay comfortable for extended periods. I have wore these for hours at a time with no ear fatigue and not once did they come loose while riding my bike even while sweating.

If you are looking for a great set of headphones to wear while at the gym or playing your favorite sport and don’t mind mediocre sound quality, these are perfect.

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones they can be found here.

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