The 1byone HDTV Antenna arrived in a slim simple yet eye catching box. Inside is the antenna, charger, charging cable, amplified coax antenna, and two pieces of double sided tape. Everything was well packed and easy to open.

The antenna is roughly 9in x 12in, matte white,  and extremely thin. Mounting the antenna was extremely easy by using the two pieces of included double sided tape and finding a location was easy thanks to the provided 20ft cable. Once the antenna was mounted and amplified cable installed I simply plugged the charger and cable into the amplifier. Once installation was complete I turned my TV on and had it scan for available channels.

I currently use a roof mounted antenna and a 35db amplifier to distribute OTA channels to all of my TVs. With this setup I can get 11 HD channels and 2 SD channels. Using the 1byone antenna with its supplied amplifier mounted on the first floor of house on an exterior wall I was able to get all but one of the channels at the same quality. Needless to say, this antenna performed exceptionally well in comparison to my much more expensive setup with my roof mount antenna.

If you are trying to cut out your cable provider or get local channels that aren’t offered through your TV provider, I highly recommend this convenient cost effective solution.

If you are interested in purchasing this antenna it can be found here.

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