The Sentey headphones arrived extremely well packaged in a colorful anti-static packaging. Inside you will find a headphone case with the headphones,  six different size/color ear tips, and 3 different back caps to adjust sound.

The build quality of these headphones is much better than expected for the price. Each ear piece is made of metal as is the connector. The cables are all flat to prevent tangles and are well made. The controller is made of plastic and features a mic, and a single button to control play, pause, skip forward, and skip backward.

The sound output from the Sentey earbuds is better than average and they get plenty loud for even the most demanding person without requiring an amp. Sound quality is also much better than expected at this price. I found the “Jazz” ear caps to sound the best and my review is based on them. The sound is fairly flat with a slight emphasis in the upper frequencies and a somewhat laid back mid range. Bass is not emphasized at all but slightly boomy which many people will enjoy.

Overall I really enjoy the sound of these headphones and am very happy with the build quality. They certainly have a spot in my vast headphone collection.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of these headphones they can be found here.

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