The Rovking Sport Headphones came packaged in a plastic box with a molded insert. Included with the headphones are 5 different size ear tips and a short extension cable.

The body of these headphones actually sit in your outer ear, so choosing the correct size ear tip is more difficult and more important than on most headphones and can GREATLY change the sound quality of these headphones. Once I found the correct size ear tips for me, these headphones fit extremely well and stayed secure even when moving around a lot. Sound quality was decent with a slight lack in treble but otherwise flat response and the headphones get plenty loud even for noisy environments. Sound isolation with these is slightly better than most in ear headphones mainly due to the large body that sits in the outer ear.

Overall these headphones have decent sound quality and thanks to the great fit make awesome headphones for working out or wearing while active.

If you are interested in purchasing them they can be found here.

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