The Orico Quick Charge portable power bank came packaged in a compact cardboard box with the Logo on the top and some specs on the bottom. I love the simplistic design of the packaging. Inside is a convenient pull out tray with the battery, some paper work, and a 3ft micro-USB cable which is of pretty nice quality.

The battery has a metal outer bod with plastic ends. On one end you will find the basic specs on the opposite end a micro-USB charging port, a full size USB power output, and a single button that when pressed will display the charge of the battery using four blue LEDs. I am happy the provide four LEDs as this gives a good representation of the charge.

The battery is built extremely well and will handle a lot of abuse before you ever have any problems. It is rated at 10,400mAh and I was able to charge my Nexus 6 three entire times with this battery. The best feature of this battery is that it does Quick Charging. I do not believe it is a certified Quick Charging device but it was still able to charge at all of the official charging levels and remained in spec the entire time.

This is one of my favorite portable batteries I have gotten to test and I highly recommend it.

If you are interested in purchasing this battery it can be found here.

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