The MPOW Grip Pro 2 Windshield Mount is among many car phone mounts on the market. The mount is good quality and comes as two pieces, the phone mount, and the suction mount. Assembling the two pieces is as simple as snapping them together and mounting the mount to your windshield is as simple as sticking it where you want and pressing the lever to lock it in place.

The mount had no problem securing my Nexus 6 even with a case installed and I like how easy it is to install and remove the device. Another great feature of the mount is that it is easy to rotate the device from landscape to portrait and can even rotate 360*. The mount also features a lip at the bottom to prevent your phone from sliding downwards and a pad on the back to keep the phone from getting marked up when installed.

Overall I am very happy with the quality, ease of use, and how well this mount holds the phone.

If you are interested in purchasing on of these mounts, they can be found here.

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