The Reivalo headlamp is mounted on an adjustable stretchable band that should fit any size head. The lamp itself is not much larger than the three included AAA batteries that power it. The back opens to install the batteries and the door features a rubber gasket to aid in its IPX6 water proof rating. The lamp is hinged at the back and allows for verticle adjustment of the light. On top you will find two buttons, one for the red LEDs and one for the white.

Pressing the button for the red LEDS switches between steady on and a constant flash. Pressing the button for the white LEDs switches between high, medium, low, and SOS. The LED is rated for 168 lumens and is plenty bright to wear while working in a dark area or to use as a running light, etc. The light is comfortable to wear, easy to operate, and has plenty of features.

If you are interested in purchasing this headlamp it can be found here.

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