The INNORI Travel Car Charger shipped in small cardboard box and included a detailed spec sheet. The charger is made almost entirely of plastic and is average size for a 2 port car charger. Unscrewing the tip will reveal a fuse which is a nice feature. The device is rated at a total of 3.1A which means you can charge a device at 2.1A and a second device at 1A or any combination that will equal up to 3.1A. In practical use this means you can charge a newer smart phone at full speed and an older device at full speed or charge two newer devices at half speed.

This is a nice charger and does exactly what it is rated to do, but it is hard to recommend this charger when there are other, better built, more compact devices, that will charge at a total of 4.2A or full speed for two devices.

This charger can be found here if you are interested.

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