The Huixinda Waterproof Phone Case and Float are extremely nice to have around and more useful than most people would even think. I do not go out on a boat or swim often but when I do I will be sure to take this case and float with me simple for piece of mind. The float is the perfect size to fit around your wrist and is made of a soft foam that is covered in a synthetic material and it does indeed float. On the end of the float is a thin tether that can be attached to the case.

The case is made of what feels like plastic and is large enough to house a nexus 6 or iPhone 6s Plus with no problem. It is sealed similar to a zip lock bag but on steroids. To seal it you squeeze the top together and then close two clamps. Also included with the case is a standard tether and an arm band that can attach to the case as well as a built in compass. The compass seemed to be fairly accurate but I am not sure how useful it actually would be on a case for a device with a built in electronic compass.

To initially test the case i stuffed it full of paper towels and submerged it in water for a half hour. After removing the case and drying off the outside I opened it. The paper towels on the inside were completely dry. Next I put my phone in the case and submerged it. All functions seemed to work just fine except for of course the fingerprint sensor. I was unable to test the rated IPX8, 100ft certification the packaging boasts but my phone servived being fully submerged numerous times for extended periods.

If you are looking for a waterproof case for piece of mind while fishing or hunting, to swim with, or run in the rain, or whatever other reason, I highly recommend the Huixinda Waterproof case which can be found here.

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