Fruit infused water bottle are all the rave currently and to keep up with demands many companies are providing them. Gonex has managed to provide a feature packed water bottle that makes trying this new craze extremely easy.

The Gonex fruit infused water bottle is 32oz which should provide for 20-24oz of infused water. The bottle is constructed completely of BPA free plastic and features a a textured thumb grip as well as a rubber grip for your fingers. The lid is a flip top style that is opened by pushing a button that can be locked with a metal clip. The lid also features a plastic loop to hang the bottle. All areas that require it feature rubber gaskets that worked extremely well throughout my testing.

The bottle is easy to used, simply insert your fruits, vegetables, or herbs in the infuser, insert it into the bottle, fill with water, install the lid, shake, and enjoy. Throughout my testing the bottle never leaked and I love the fact that all the parts are dishwasher safe.

If you are interested in trying fruit infused water, I highly recommend the Gonex bottle.

If you are interested in purchasing one it can be found here.

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