Gloves are very personal and hard to give a general review on but this is my opinion of the Alpha Impact Cycling Gloves.

The gloves are constructed of multiple materials and are padded almost everywhere your hands touch the handle bars. Everywhere that is not padded is breathable which will help prevent you hands from sweating as will the half finger design. Only time will tell but they feel extremely well made, durable, and are reinforced in all the areas that typically cause problems with bike gloves. The gloves are true to size compared to Alpha Impact’s sizing chart and since they are flexible and have a velcro closure, if you are unsure I recommend ordering the smaller size.

In use the gloves are easy to get on and off, fit well, are comfortable, and provided great feel while riding. If you are looking for a pair of cycling gloves I highly recommend these, especially considering their low price.

If you are interested in purchasing these gloves they can be found here.

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