I have used many ZeroLemon products in the past with great success, so when I got the chance to review their Slim Power case for my Nexus 6 I was excited. The case arrived well packaged and includes the case, battery, power plug, 1/8″ audio extension, and warranty and use documentation.


Installing the battery onto the phone was easy, but getting the phone and battery into the case is slightly cumbersome. The case fits fairly snug to the front of the device and the front cutout for the screen is similar to most cases available for the Nexus 6. Unfortunately the case fitment goes downhill from there. The most notable problem with fitment is that the volume button is slightly high on the case. This caused the volume to increase almost every time I pressed the power button. The case also left fairly large gaps at both the headphone port and the power charging port which doesn’t seem like a big deal until you use it for a few days, remove the case, and it is full of dust. Another flaw with this design is that the battery pack constantly rubs the back of the phone and leaves smudges on it from the case not holding it well.

The included battery pack is 3500mAh which is roughly the same size as the battery in the Nexus 6 which should lead to a 50% to 75% increase in overall battery life. ZeroLemon claims a 75% increase which is of course the upper end of this estimate. In real world use if I let my battery almost die and then enabled the battery pack I was able to charge the phone to ~80% which means their claim is accurate.

Overall I am very disappointed with this case. It does not follow the quality I have come to expect from ZeroLemon. The only way I could recommend this case is if you are looking for extended battery life and refuse to carry an external battery pack, otherwise I would recommend a better quality case and one of ZeroLemon’s battery packs which I have used with great success in the past.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these battery packs they can be found here.

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