The Tech Savvy Digistick TSi came packaged in a molded plastic insert inside of a cardboard box. Included with the selfie stick are two lanyards, a carabiner, and a short micro-USB charging cable.

The selfie stick is decent quality and made mostly of plastic with a metal extendable pole. Setup was easy and done the same way as any other Bluetooth device and only took about 30 seconds to set up.  The clip that holds the phone is coated in rubber to protect the device and expands enough to easily hold my Nexus 6 with a case on it. The pole extends to 32in and is plenty long to snap a selfie or to use the device as a mono pod.

The Digistick TSi is decently made, easy to set up and works well. If you are interested in a selfie stick this one will get the job done.

If you are interested in purchasing this selfie stick it can be found here.

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