The MOS Original is one of those items you may not realize you need until you try one, and then you will want 10 of them. MOS stands for Magnetic Organization System. The concept is simple, use this small puck to hold your cables in place. MOS has taken this simple concept to the extreme and made work better than you can even imagine.

The MOS Original arrived in simple yet somewhat premium packaging. The box is not much bigger than the puck itself and has a drawer you slide open to reveal the puck. Included in a top compartment of the box are three magnetic cable ties and simple to follow instructions. The MOS Spring cable came in a molded plastic insert with a cardboard back and a transparent plastic sleeve over it. They made it very easy to open by pushing on nub on the back and sliding off the cover. I like how both items were easy to open and all packing materials are recyclable.

The MOS original is smaller than I expected and easily fits in the palm of my hand. The matte black finish and unique triangular shape looks very modern but should still fit in with any decor.  It is constructed of plastic and is fairly light which was a concern at first because I thought it would not be able to hold the cables without sliding. The MOS Original features a “micro-suction base” which works surprisingly well and eliminated my fear of the device not being able to support the weight of the cables. Also included with the device is a 3M pad that can be used to mount it to a wall or other vertical surface such as the side of a desk. The included magnetic cable ties simply wrap around a cable and snap together. These are great for cables that have a thick coating around the connector or if you want to hold a cable in the middle and not at the end. The ties often times held better than the end of a cable.


The MOS Spring cable is advertised as being indestructible, and while this may not be 100% true, it is probably the most durable cable you will ever find. Both end are made of aluminum and feature functional spring strain reliefs, not the molded plastic ones you will find on most cables. The cable is a heavy gauge and combined with the Rugged Exoskeleton cable jacket, it has a lot of memory. While a cable with a lot of memory can be annoying, in this case it is a worthwhile trade off for the insane amount of durability offered by this cable.

If you are looking to step up your cable organization game, or for a more durable charging cable, MOS has you covered and I can not recommend these products enough.

If you are interested in the MOS Cable Organizer it can be purchased direct or from Amazon.

If you are interested in the MOS micro-USB Spring Cable it can be purchased direct or from Amazon.

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