The 1byone Snow Machine came packaged in the usual 1byone fashion, a simplistically designed box with an outlined drawing of the device and its specs on the outside. Inside it was not packed as well as other 1byone products with just a small piece of foam on each side. Thankfully the product was not damaged in shipping but I could see this being a problem if the box was mishandled.


The device is similar in shape and size to a fog machine. Included with the machine is a wired remote that plugs into the back of the unit. On the remote you will find an LED indicator and an easy to use on/off rocker switch. Also on the back of the unit is a permanently attached power cable that is roughly five feet long. I would like to have seen this cable be removable but that is far from a deal breaker.

To use the machine you will need to purchase snow juice or make your own which is what I did. Once you have the snow juice you simply pour it into the fill hole on the top of the machine. When filling it I noticed the feed hose has a filter on the end of it which is a nice feature. Once the tank is full simply plug the remote into the back and make sure the switch is set to off. Next plug the machine power in. Once it has warmed up for a few minutes all that is left is to turn the power on and watch the snow!


I was amazed at how quickly the machine was able to make snow and how realistic it looked when flying through the air. As you can see in the video below it looks very realistic and even my dog loved it.

There are so many uses for this machine that I never thought of before trying one that I think I will find myself using this throughout the winter.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these it can be found here.

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