MPOW_Seashell_2MPOW_Seashell_3MPOW_Seashell_4The MPOW Seashell headphones came packaged in a very nice box that opens to reveal the headphones in a molded insert. Under the insert you will find a charging cable, different size ear tips, and different size ear loops.

The headphones are constructed of plastic and are very light weight but built well. The charging port is located on the back of the right earpiece covered by a rubber cover. The mic and controls can be found a few inches down the flat cable on the right side. There are a total of three buttons; a plus for volume up and forward skip, a minus for volume down and skip backwards, and a square for play/pause/answer/end call. Thanks to the unique shape of each button it makes the controls very east to find and use. I typically prefer the controls on the ear piece but thanks the shapes of the buttons I do not mind them on the cable in this case. The headphones are IPX4 water resistant and should have no problem surviving a hard workout.

The sound output from the Seashell’s is loud but nothing crazy which is a good thing. Sound quality is above average compared to other Bluetooth headphones of this style. The overall sound is flat with no major emphasis of any frequencies. The bass remains precise except for loud volumes where it gets a little sloppy which is common with most IEM style headphones. Mids remain smooth and highs sharp even at loud volumes. These sound more than good enough to use while working out and would even be well suited for casual listening. Thanks to them being lightweight the headphones remain comfortable even during extended listening sessions. The noise cancellation of these headphones also worked well.

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones they can be found here.

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