The Gardeniar Expandable hose includes a convenient plastic hanger and a multi function nozzle. The plastic hanger can be hung on the wall and can also be carried around for convenience. The nozzle has 8 functions that include shower, full, flat, vertical, centre, stream, cone and mist. The nozzle is decent quality but not nearly as nice as the hose.

The hose is extremely well made out of an expandable nylon and features brass ends. The nozzle end features a brass connector with a steel ball valve. The hose should have no problem lasting for a long time as long as it is properly taken care of.

My favorite thing about this hose is how easy it it is to move around thanks to it being so light and so flexible. The inclusion of the hanger, nozzle, and additional o-rings is a nice bonus. I highly recommend this hose to anyone that often uses one and wants to make life easier.

If you are interested in purchasing this hose it can be found here.

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