The Esumic AmerLight LED Strip Kit came packaged in a simple Anti-static bag with the contents encased in bubble wrap. Included with the kit is a 16ft of RGB LEDs on a reel, a 40 button remote, power supply, and control unit.

The LED strip is a solid run with surface mount RGB LEDs with soldered and heat shrunk connectors at each end. The controller is a simple plastic box with a connection for the power supply, a connection for the LED strip, and a small lead with an IR receiver on it. The included remote is used to turn the LEDs off and on, change the color to 20 different presets, adjust the color to any color in the spectrum, change the brightness, adjust whether the lights stay sold, flash, fade and much more.


The kit does not include any directions but setup was easy enough to figure out. Simply stick the LED strip where you want it using the supplied 3M tape, plug the strip into the controller, plug in the power supply and then use the remote to turn the lights on. I stuck them to the back edge of my desk and along my monitor mount to achieve what you see in the pictures. When set to white they are bright enough to easily read something on my desk. These are perfect for back lighting, or to use as surround lights under cabinets, or whatever else you can think of.

If you are interested in purchasing this kit it can be found here.

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