The Treqkr50 portable solar battery pack comes in a plastic box inside a molded plastic insert. Included with the battery pack is a short USB cable with a universal plug on the end, a micro USB adapter, a mini USB adapter, an Apple 30 pin adapter, a small barrel adapter, and a user manual. The included accessories are decent quality and a nice touch.

The battery pack is plastic and feels a little on the cheap side and not all that durable although I had no issues throughout my use. On top you will find a solar panel that is almost as large as the entire unit. On the end is a micro USB connection to charge the battery, a button to turn it on and display the charge on 4 LEDs located next to the button, and a USB connector to charge a device. The LEDs are extremely bright and I am glad they have 4 indicators to represent 25% charge each.

The battery is rated to charge at 500mAh and therefor it takes roughly 4 hours to fully charge, and I found on a sunny day would actually charge faster from the solar panel than by plugging it in. It is rated for 1.5A charging which it had no problem doing and often times charged at 1.6A.

If you don’t mind the mediocre build quality this battery pack is perfect for anyone who camps or wants to leave it in the car as a backup battery that will in theory never run out of juice.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these battery packs it can be found here.

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