The Audiosharp Music Eyes Bluetooth speaker came packaged in a premium style box with a pull out drawer on the right side. Once this door is pulled out and a film cover is removed you will be greeted by the all aluminum speaker housed in a soft foam. Under the speaker you will find a users manual, a USB charging cable, and 1/8″ audio cable. This is one of the most well packaged speakers I have ever seen.


The Included audio and charging cable are average quality and are roughly 3ft long. The speaker is constructed entirely of aluminum and built very well. It has a simple design with the speakers on the front, two rubber feet on the bottom that run the length of the speaker, one end has a Bluetooth logo with the NFC receiver behind it, on the oposite end are the controls. The controls consist of a play/pause/power button, and tow buttons for skip and volume. In the center of the buttons is a cover that opens to reveal the charging and audio port.


Sound output for this size speaker is better than average even with its low power 6W max amp. This tells me the device uses very efficient speakers which is also demonstrated at low volumes. With he speaker near you and the volume below half the sound quality is nothing short of amazing. The speaker sounds larger and more separated than it actually is. The sound stage from this little speaker sounds more like two much more expensive speakers a few feet from you. As you increase the volume the sound stage becomes more focused and the bass diminishes but the upper frequencies remain accurate. This result is due to the small size of the drivers and unfortunately is a result of physics. All things considered this speaker sounds much better than most speakers of its size even at much higher prices.

Overall this is a very premium speaker at a not so premium price. At low volumes the sound quality is crazy good and at high volumes it is on par or slightly better than most other portable Bluetooth speakers.

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